‘For the love of lavender’: From Sydney to Regional NSW

From their active and busy city life in Sydney, finance executives and couple Marianne and Jr Villanueva decided to take the big leap to move to a quieter and more relaxed regional New South Wales and start anew as farmers.

Couple Marianne and Jr Villanueva from New South Wales consider their new venture as a COVID-project.
“We started farming in the middle of the Covid-pandemic in 2020," Marianne shares.
“We got the idea from our travel to France, during our honeymoon. We saw this massive field of lavender in the regional Provence area.”

Driving force to live regional

“The most important is to have that desire to move to the countryside and change your lifestyle.”

Marianne said that a massive part of their decision is their desire to live in a peaceful and less stressful environment.

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