Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet. We will open the farm for tours in the next blooming season which is in summer.

To ensure that visitors get the most out of the experience, farm tour appointments will need to be booked in advance.

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We grow three species of lavenders: 

1) Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as English lavender or True lavender. 

2) Lavandula x Intermedia, also known as Lavandin and 

3) Lavandula Stoechas, also known as Spanish lavender or Butterfly lavender. 

We currently have 5 different cultivars of lavender with colours ranging from white to deep purple and we grow them for essential oil, dried flower and ornamental purposes.

Lavenders are typically in bloom in Australia from November to January,  depending on the specie and to a certain extent, the climate pattern. Our ornamental Spanish lavenders blooms in May to September. Our field lavenders  consist of English lavender which blooms in late spring and the Lavandin which  bloom around early to mid-summer, allowing a 2-month window for anyone wishing to see the lavenders in bloom.

Picking your own lavender from our fields is not available at this time.

We currently do not have the facilities to host private events such as weddings.

No, we currently maintain a boutique scale of farming operations. While we do not sell wholesale, you can still enjoy our locally-grown, hand-harvested, and farm-processed Australian lavender products via our online shop.

Handpicking lavender at Hunter Lavender Farm, Broke NSW

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A walk amongst the lavender fields is a wonderful experience that we’re so excited to share with you! Ready to join us?

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