Dried lavender at Hunter Lavender Farm, Broke Hunter Valley NSW

Experience the calming scent of lavender at the comfort of your home.

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    Sleep Well Pillow Mist Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
    Sleep Well Pillow Mist
    Hunter Lavender Farm Pulse Point Roll-on
    Be Calm Lavender Roll-on
    Hunter Lavender Farm Australian Pure Lavender Essential Oil
    Pure Lavender Essential Oil
    Hunter Lavender Farm Dried Lavender Sachet tucked in pillow
    Dried Lavender Sachets
    Lavender Eye Pillow
    Pure Lavender Honey Hunter valley
    Pure Honey
    Lavender Tea Natural Sleeping tea
    Lavender Tea
    Handmade Ceramic Oil and Wax Burner with Pure Lavender Oil
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    Culinary Lavender Hunter Lavender Farm Wine Country Lavender
    Culinary Lavender