Lavender Field Walk

Hunter Lavender Farm_Lavender Field Walk
Hunter Lavender Farm_Lavender Field Walk
Hunter Lavender Farm_Lavender Field Walk

Lavender Field Walk

Take a stroll around our lavender fields in bloom and lose yourself in the magical sea of purple. Whether you’re looking for that perfect Instagram snap or wanting to take your significant other on a romantic stroll, or just looking to soak in the beautiful countryside scenery, we have just the thing for you. So, gather up your friends or family and head on out for an unforgettable experience!

We can’t wait to welcome you back for the 3rd Lavender Season and create another season filled with unforgettable moments and experiences.

OPEN Daily from 14th December 2024 to 5th of January 2025

CLOSED Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day) 


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▪ 60-minute lavender field access during which you can stroll between the lavender rows and take photos at your leisure.

▪ Tickets are only valid for a specific time and date, so please try to come in on time as we may need to prepare for the next timeslot after your session.

▪ We try to keep the grounds well-maintained and safe to navigate however, there may be places where the ground is soft or uneven due to rains or frequent passage of equipment. Guests who are bringing prams and mobility devices may be in for a bumpy ride. We would also like to remind everyone to wear appropriate footwear for optimum comfort and safety.

▪ Dress for the weather. This is an all-weather event, barring a natural disaster, so please check weather forecasts before you book a timeslot. We will not be able to process a refund for change-of-mind due to unfavourable weather conditions.

▪ We will not permit commercial or drone photography on site during this time. If you wish to do a commercial or professional photoshoot, please refer to the Photography Menu on the website for options.

▪ We ask you not to bring your pets with you to the event at this time as there are farm animals and other wildlife about which may distract them. Our apologies for this no-pets policy but we want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and we will look into how we can better accommodate pets in the future.

▪ Please bear in mind that our lavenders are not only our source of livelihood but they are also the reason we get up in the mornings so please treat them with care and avoid stepping over rows or picking flowers. 

▪ Lavenders attract pollinators such as bees and we have a couple of hives at the farm. Bees are lovely creatures and usually just go about minding their own bees-ness, but be sure not to step over rows or disturb foraging bees you come across to avoid getting stung. If you are allergic to bee stings, we would like you carefully consider going between the rows and opt to enjoy the view from a safe distance and should you decide to proceed, come prepared with the necessary allergy medication.

Any cancellation notice being issued so close to the time of the event being held and the event being staffed, we will be unable to process a refund. 

A lead time of 3 days from the event being held is needed to give us a chance to resell the tickets to other parties.

We are happy to reschedule your tour to another available time and date during the season or the next.