Lavender Mini Photo Session

Lavender Mini Photo Session
Lavender Mini Photo Session
Lavender Mini Photo Session
Lavender Mini Photo Session

Lavender Mini Photo Session

Create a moment to last a lifetime this summer! With our lavender field in bloom set against a variety of backgrounds such as a wooded creek, sprawling vineyards and a mythic Lizard Rock formation as your studio, you are sure to bring home that perfect portrait of you and your loved ones to cherish forever.

Mist In Island Photography 23rd December 2023 &  6th of January 2024. 

Wild Love Photography 19 December 2023 & 2th of January 2024.

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▪ A relaxed 15-minute photo session with a professional photographer.

▪ 10 beautiful images delivered via online gallery within a week of session.

▪ 60-minute lavender field access during which you can stroll between the lavender rows and take photos at your leisure.

I want every photo I take to be real and natural and beautiful because that’s the kind of memory you deserve. I want you to have that happy family portrait on your wall. I want that photobook to remind you of the beautiful love you share together. I want you to have a reminder of the good days and to have a reason to keep going and never give up whenever you’re experiencing bad days. You can rest assured that you are in the hands of a professional who sees the big picture without compromising the fine details.” – Maz of Mist In Island Photography

To me there isn’t much in the world that compares to picking up my camera and being able to capture how I see the love your partner has when he looks at you or your child looks at you. Capturing memories is what sparks my soul alive and I’m grateful every day that I’m blessed to call it my job.” – Jess of Wild Love Photography

▪ Session is only valid for a specific time and date, so please try to come in on time.

▪ For the lavender field walk, please try to keep the following information in mind for your safety and enjoyment. We try to keep the grounds well-maintained and safe to navigate however, there may be places where the ground is soft or uneven due to rains or frequent passage of equipment. Guests who are bringing prams and mobility devices may be in for a bumpy ride. We would also like to remind everyone to wear appropriate footwear (preferably closed toes) for optimum comfort and safety.

▪ We will not permit commercial or drone photography on site during this time. If you wish to do a commercial or professional photoshoot, please refer to the Photography Menu on the website for options.

▪ Please bear in mind that our lavenders are not only our source of livelihood but they are also the reason we get up in the mornings so please treat them with care and avoid stepping over rows or picking flowers. 

▪ Lavenders attract pollinators such as bees and we have a couple of hives at the farm. Bees are lovely creatures and usually just go about minding their own bees-ness, but be sure not to step over rows or disturb foraging bees you come across to avoid getting stung. If you are allergic to bee stings, we would like you carefully consider going between the rows and opt to enjoy the view from a safe distance and should you decide to proceed, come prepared with the necessary allergy medication.

▪ COVID-19 Health Guidelines. To reduce the risk to others we strongly recommend that you stay home if you are feeling unwell or have recently tested positive to COVID-19. Stay home while you have symptoms to avoid infecting other people.